Thursday, August 19, 2010

EmersonMade (me cute)

My morning came with the daunting fact, that the cupboards and refrigerator were bare.
I needed to go shopping.
We switched grocery stores. Now we have to drive about 10 miles more to get there, but it has its own cheese isle, and in Utah anything special like that is hard to come by.
Sadly, Trader Joe's is too cool to come to Provo.
But I like my new grocery store.
They are super friendly, have special parking spots for pregnant mothers and mothers with children. They also have this sweet grocery loading dock, so all I have to do is drive up and they do the rest. Its very very sweet of them. And, they are not doing because they feel sorry for me (because of the plane crash, remember?) they do this to everyone.

I got in the shower, but did so many loads of wash this morning that there was no more hot water, so I jumped in and jumped out. (but not really jumped, I can't jump).
Then I went to my adorable EmersonMade supply in my closet, and found some darling poppers to pin on to my sweater to jazz it up a bit..
EmersonMade is the greatest accessory store, but wait!! her clothing line is to die for.
I want these adorable jeans. Also, this clutch please.

I made halibut for dinner and then put a movie on my for children, lay on my bed and listened to Mr. Nielson in the shower (I love when he blows his nose really loud) and felt the wind whirl in my open windows. The apples out my bedroom window are getting plump, and all I can think about is the the leaves changing color and making apple pie.