Monday, August 02, 2010

Date night: movie with licorice.

Mr. Nielson and I have declared that our special date night should be on Thursdays.
We will beat the weekend rushes and enjoy a slow romantic evening.
Last Thursday was our trial and error night.
We chose to eat at Pizzeria 712 (which never fails and always over-delivers. Not to mention using delicious seasonal vegetables on their pizzas).
Pizzeria 712 is pretty ultra hip. It has fantastic art on the wall and the cooks are young (most of them Ex-Sundance cooks). And they are all pretty hot. I mean, really do they ALL have to have gorgeous long hair pulled back into a stallion tail? And, do they HAVE to wear tight white v-necks?
But anyway, so we sat by Shelby and her handsome man. Shelby and I went to school together.
She also have the cutest kids. I mean, I think my babies are pretty cute but
Shelby's son Owen is beautiful.
Her daughter Lola...(or no-name), is also perfect. They are the cutest family
(and since Shelby's brother Colton owns Pizzeria 712, those working at the restaurant gave them toast for the kiddos to munch on while waiting).
No, don't worry about trying to find "toast" on the menu. Its not there.
It's just for special people. And Shelby and her family are very special as well as adorable.
We also met two other dear couples whom we sat next to as well.
The dinner was so fun and chatting was the best part.
Had it been just the two of us over in the corner window, we would have probably
started talking about our budget or something really sexy like that.
Next on the date: To the movie.
But not just any movie The Leo movie.
It was fantastic.
After it was over I was so tempted to text Dr. L. and see if he had seen that movie. Then I ended up calling him instead. I could have sworn it was a movie a very very very smart, skilled Surgeon with Godly powers could have written.
So I asked and him:
"Dr. L. that movie was almost as smart as you"
"....ahhhh, it was OK. I have read books like that before . It's nothing original.
But I do think Leonardo was wonderful".
Then I asked how his old senile father-in-law was doing...
And that was all.
Mr. Nielson and I were smart and got to the movie 1/2 hr before it started,
because we really wanted to see the Old Spice commercials.
I had the privilege of meeting the creator of the wonderful jingles.
(Jason Bagley is a genius. His sister Ashley married Marcus. Marcus is Christians younger brother. Ashley and Jason's brother is Andrew Bagley; he and his wife Reachel are our children's godparents and Reachel is one of my very best friends.
We all sat next to each other at the wedding dinner.
Mr. Nielson was back from retrieving the popcorn
(kettle corn which we got sick of and ditched before the movie even began) and red vines.
More and more people filed in and then the lights went out and the movie began.
10 minutes in the movie I smelled it.
Were you aware that puberty has a smell?
Well, it does and I smelled it until the movie was over 2 1/2 hours LATER. I needed nose plugs.
Dang summer and sandals in movie theaters anyway!
A young pubescent boy was sitting just above me. No shoes on.
The smell was so unbearable I looked around the packed theater and not ONE seat was available for me to move too.
I figured I was just going to release my inner manners and try not to make a scene.
But that only lasted a few seconds then I plugged my nose with my hand.
Then I tried using some props.
Like my sweater, napkins, using lotion on my hands, lotion in my nose, and pulling on my nose. That didn't work, by this time the movie was almost over. I took out a licorice from my pack and held the pack to the dear girl to my right. Together we had smelled the awful stench. We took the licorice and placed it right under our nostrils for the remaining 1/2 hr.
When the movie was over,
I wanted to run outside and take a deep breathe and then yell FREEDOM!!