Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bowling day and a letter.

(Mr. Nielson exclaiming to Ollie "ONE pin left!")

Christian and I decided to take the children on their last day of summer break...
Yep, you heard me right, I said bowling.

The children thought a few rounds of wii bowling at home prepared
them enough for the real thing.
Not so much.
The kids loved the novelty of the sweet shoes, naming the bowling balls after types of ice cream they looked like, and seeing their name on TV (or the score screen).
I loved the air conditioned alley with no other guests present
(except a couple of my nephews who frequent the game room)
The peanut M&M's and cold water.

Oh, and watching Mr. Nielson.
He actually took a bowling class in college.
And now a letter:
Dear honey, lets encourage our boys not to take bowling in college.
How about math instead? That way, when they get married they will have math under their belt which means less time doing homework away from their wives when their wives really need them. Like when she is pregnant and super sick, or like when she makes dinner and it is ready and hot and they are late or a no-show. Or like when their wives are in labor and they can't even stay awake to see the birth of their firstborn because they are asleep, tired from studying.

I'm just sayin....
Love, Stephanie

Tomorrow I am posting about one of my favorite restaurants in Provo.
Everything is great on Fridays right?

(ps ...honey, I am SO grateful for your college education, thank you! smooooch)