Friday, July 16, 2010


(check out my sweet battle scars...and my new smooth neck... I know, I'm hot)

...I am tired. Like really tired. It seems like my injuries go above and beyond just being burned. And lately I have tasted more than I have wanted. A few things that I fear only us women would know- (can you say bladder infection)...
Mr. Nielson got a new phone today and has been pretty cocky about how it can do waayyy more than my iphone. I admit, I deserve it- I have teased him about his ghetto phone and now he is getting me back. But if this goes on any longer....well, then I'll... just... be... mad.
Could I really be that mad at that man?

This Friday will begin the first of a few blogs that I will do concerning my basement.
I have asked Alice Lane for help.
They have sketched out and helped me prepare a truly amazing downstairs.
Much more comfy and more realistic than my half kitchen half living room downstairs.
I am so impressed with Alice Lane.
They are truly amazing.

(basement before.)

(Fabrics and furniture to be used)

Have a lovely weekend. Is it time for school yet?
I sure love the summer, but I am ready for fall.
I even listened to my favorite Halloween songs today in the car.
I am excited for Halloween.
Really excited.
And I still have tons of burn wrap left over.
Perfect for a mummy.
Ollie? Claire?