Monday, July 19, 2010


Me on Sunday getting ready.
I picked another Emersonmade flower
to go with my outfit.

Sunday was fantastic.
Outside was close to being 1000 degrees and the summer afternoons seem to drag on and on.
However, it seems like I never have enough time spend time between my children and husband.
Church was wonderful because we celebrated the Priesthood.
After church, and Mr. Nielson and I climbed on our bed and talked to each other really close- like 3 inches a part all about our first date which happened 10 years ago this month.
Then I made sure I was being a good wife- I asked about what I could improve on...
you know like a little private interview.
But all Mr Nielson said was:
"You have hair on your face."
I KNOW I HAVE HAIR ON MY face came from my scalp and my chin came from
my back...wha da ya want from me?
That's the last private interview I have with him with our faces really close together.
Lucy, Andrew and Betsy came over for peach cobbler. (yes, I make a mean cobbler).
We talked about how Andrew's best friend and my brother in law Marcus are getting married the same day at the same place in San Diego. So we planned a little rendezvous together down there....sans children.
They also shared with me the experience they had at church. Its seems Betsy is a monkey and fell over the pew in church. It also seems the whole congregation was on hold while Boots (betsy's nickname) was taken out of church and checked out...or in other words;
It was a great excuse to go home-