Monday, July 26, 2010

Sailing on Mission Bay; Marcus and Ashley get married.

(Marcus and Ashley at their wedding dinner)

Marcus Nielson married Ashley Bagley in San Diego.
Marcus looks at Ashley with such intense heart-exploding love.
I think it is a Nielson thing because all the Nielson boys have it.
(Yes, even you Boss Nielson)
My charming Mr. Nielson shows his IHEL (shall we call it that?), to me quite often-
Except when I get on his nerves.
Like the time when he got pulled over on the way down.
I tell him to be polite and listen to the cop all the
while my jaw is tight and talk with my teeth shut.
(like the way my Mom used to talk to me when I was noisy in church)
And he hates that.
After the cop left us with a big fat ticket, I picked up my new book
(which I love, thanks Aunt Lisa) and pretended that nothing had happened.
Then he asked me why I wasn't on his team.
Apparently it was Cop's team vs Mr. Nielson team. And then I asked him a number of questions/scenarios when it is OK to not be on his team. For example:
What if Mr. Nielson wanted me to do drugs with him. Would I choose Mr. Nielson's team or Nancy Reagen's (Say No to Drug campaign) team.
I would chose Nancy.
THEN, maybe that IHEL is not quite as prominent.

(Me reading with Christian's ticket as a bookmark)

(Me in the slip heading off to breakfast. It smells like really stinky dead fish, Andrew Beesley takes a ride)

(Lucy is sick and pregnant, but is such a good sport)

Lucy and Andrew came down for a wedding on the same day-same place.
Very coincidental and very perfect.

(Checking my e-mail. Mr. Nielson takes a picture looking down into the cozy bunk).

(Mr. Nielson loves flags, sailing, and the ocean breeze)

(Captain Mr. Nielson, and First mate, Nie. Except all I do is lay down)

(looking out on Mission Bay)

(Ashley changed into her hippie dress after the ceremony.
Marcus looked dapper in a orange bow tie).

(Oh hum, just a bunch of dolphins swimming next to our boat (yawn) what's new?)

(The beautiful sunset at dusk.)

(Scenes of the wild wild west on our drive home.)

Home again home again Jiggity jig!
I missed:
Nicholas and Betsy.