Thursday, July 22, 2010

Driving with the moon.

The moon out the car window

Hi guys! I am on the road with Mr.Nielson.
We are driving our way to San Diego.
Marcus (mr. nielsons youngest brother) will marry Ashley and we get to see it happen.
As for now, we are pulling an all-niter to get there.
I am in the backseat trying to sleep. Mr. Nielson has satellite
radio on listening to Muse and Neon Trees (go Provo boys).
Anyway, the car really stinks like flarties. But really they are strawberries-
We smelled a skunk a little while ago, but I like it. I know, weird.

I just texted Mr. Nielson from the backseat and now we can't stop.
I ask him if he is driving ok and alert.
Then he says yes.
Then I tell him I love him.
Then he says the wind is 12mph and we will stop in Beaver, UT for gas.
Then I say ok and he says he loves me back.
Can't wait to see the beach.