Thursday, July 01, 2010


(Mom and me in our jammies at our sleepover)

My Mom is gone.
I had another stomach attack yesterday.
This time it ripped after Mr. Nielson's delicious tofu curry dish.
I was wrapped up in a ball for most of the night crying.
Mr. Nielson made 2 trips to the pharmacy to get me something to relieve my pain.
I don't want to go to the hospital again. I am avoiding it relentlessly. Since I was burned all over, IV access is nowhere to be found.
Then I end up having to have a PICC line.
A ultra sound machine helps direct the specialist to where a nice big vain is in my arm and he slides in the IV tube which then goes straight to my heart.
It is very uncomfortable and usually I can't go it without a little adavan to make me a bit loopy.
That's that.

Two nights ago, my Mom and I had a sleep over in my bed. Mr. Nielson took the kids camping so Mom and I could have a night to talk and cry and laugh and eat pretzels in my bed. She has left for her Mission in St. Louis. I am a little overwhelmed.
When I had my stomach attack she came to my house, found me lying in a ball on the ground and sat down next to me. She held me and rocked back and forth. We cried together about the pain and her absence for the next 3 years.
She led me to my bed tucked me in and rubbed my back.
And just like that, the attack went away.
And I fell asleep.
I am going to miss you Mommy.
(do you notice the heart on the top of my head...sweet)