Monday, July 05, 2010

Lights in the sky

I remember as a child my Dad picking me up and taking me to the top of our steep red roof to enjoy the fireworks which were lit at the stadium down my street.
A tradition we did almost all of my childhood.
This year I gathered my chicks out to my brown roof and again enjoyed watching the beautiful colors lighting up the sky.
My favorite this year were the big fat orange ones.
Mr. Nielson enjoyed the big silver umbrella ones. Claire like the purple/red ones.
Jane couldn't make up her mind.
Ollie liked the one which resembled "a golden coin" and Gigs fell asleep.
(me, jane, claire and nic behind me prepare for a good show on the roof)

There is nothing like Provo at the 4th of July. We certainly celebrate our freedom and enjoy doing our fireworks. (but not at my house; a. I hate fire b. We live too close to the mountains, fireworks are not allowed here).
(Mr. Nielson tunes in to the hear the jet pilots)

On Saturday night, Mr. Nielson got out his special pilots radio and gave us all the scoop on when the fighter jets would grace our city. A tradition which gets my heart pounding with pride and awe. It certainly is my favorite part of the 4th.
I told Mr. Nielson to please have jets fly over my friends and family when I die.
Then Ollie told me he would do it since- he apparently is going to fly jets.
Shouldn't we be scared of airplanes by now?
There is something about a jet though, graceful, loud, and fast.
I think of solders fighting. I think of the soldiers wives and children, and then I think about my brother-in-law Josh who just returned home from his work as a DR. in Iraq.
Then I feel deep gratitude.
This evening I got a text from my brother Andrew. (I call him Leo...long story)
Leo: u up 4 a scooter ride tonight at 9:45?
Me: u know it. come pick us up.
Then I got another text- this time from Page

Page: you want to go to on a scooter ride
Me: yeah, we will pick u up.
And all of a sudden we had the Clark motrcycle posse kickin' it downtown with all of the teenagers reserving spots for the "Big parade" the next morning.
Our sweet teenagers (nephews/nieces) were all hanging out in our Clark spot.
Like good kids, they were all wrapped up in blankets telling scary stories to each other instead of walking the streets up to no good. ...
In fact at this very hour of midnight, it is still very happening.
Unfortunately for the teenagers trying to look cool and hook it up, there are way to many strollers and blow-up toys everywhere. Its hard to look that cool.
We picked up Chris and Courtney. Chris had his very fast, very loud bullet bike.
Chris' bike could eat all three of ours for lunch.
Mr. Nielson had a '73 Honda CB vintage motorcycle and Vance and Andrew rode sweet
(and totally fast) scooters.
We painted the town.

I am off to bed. A big day is ahead of us.
Happy Independence Day America.
(peace to all. nic, claire, nie, jane, ollie on the roof
waiting for the big firework show).