Tuesday, July 06, 2010

An Independance Afternoon

(The cousins, oldest to youngest)

Since I wore my arms and hands bare today (no gloves or long sleeve shirt) my hands are very sunburned. They hurt all over again. I don't suggest doing that. Especially once you have been severely burned. Double ouch.
Do you know how badly I wanted to stay in my bed when the children woke up ready for the grand parade which was being held downtown on center street in Provo.
We were late.
Jane threw up-
I thought that was going to be my ticket to forgo the parade. But, no such luck. Right after she did it, she felt better and she and Claire were quickly on to the next mess or "she's stealing my favorite __________" drama.
We all mounted our cruisers and we were downtown at our spot in no time.
With no crashes either.
After the parade, we headed up to the Checkett's home. We spent hours letting our children play in the water, talking, eating, cooking, and then there was Ollie who asked anyone with two hands to throw him the whiffle ball. (thanks Stevie and Andrew!)
Here are some of my favorite pictures I took:

(Mr. Nielson and Topher share a moment together with their red bandannas)

(Jane, Claire, Lydia)