Thursday, July 15, 2010

I slept most the day.

(Captian Nicholas shoving off to the open sea)

Mr. Nielson finished his business at home and then pulled all of us in the car for a night under the stars. We got to the Utah Lake that evening and let the boat quietly rock us all to sleep. We lay listening to the soft waves lapping up boat.
The next morning Ollie threw up twice.
Claire slept in until 10:00
Mr. Nielson didn't sleep at all.
This morning, I sat outside with Mr. Nielson under the morning
sun eating cheerios and fresh fruit.
We headed home but not after stopping by the bakery for some donuts and cherry danishes.
Then, I came home, curled up in a ball and went to sleep until around 6:00. It felt amazing. Thanks so Sister Page for taking my babies

I went to I'm Beautiful salon for the works. (ask for Shannon) I had two extra bodies with me there for the glitter toes. Throughout our appointments, we smelled The Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes next door. So, of course after the appointment, the girls and I headed over for some cake bites and a few cupcakes.

Jane kept wanting to do more errands after we had left
because she "...never wants this day to end."
It felt really good for me too.
Just like old times.
And the old times are just as wonderful as the present.

Me, Jane, and Claire in
I'm Beautiful salon

(the kids sailing on the AuroraMark)