Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dirty Pirates

Today I got very determined and made my kids do all the jobs in the house.
(see above)
Just kidding.
But not really.
No, actually really, I was a very sweet mom and let my girls go swimming with cousins (even if they left the basement looking like a dressing room).
It was quite sneaky really, the boys were in the tub/shower (they do the same time) and the girls slipped out bound for the pool.
When the boys finally emerged from their luxury bath experience, they didn't even ask where their sisters were. Whew.
But as most kids do (especially on hot summer days) they began to fight, so I took them with me in the car.
First it was just to the dry cleaners.
(fyi: Durfeys dry cleaners = free suckers)
Then I stretched it a bit and went and got gas for the car.
Then I found myself taking my 3 and 5 year old sons to Victoria's Secret for some bras.
(what was I thinking?)
We finally decided to stop for ice cream. (the least I could do).
But the boys forgot they wanted ice cream when they saw the gummi bears.
So I got an ice cream cone (cookies and cream thankyouverymuch) and the boys didn't get ice cream or gummi bears, but chocolate gold coins instead.
Just as we were leaving, I dropped my whole cone on the store ground.
I boobed for about 2 seconds then saw the boys sweaty faces, all my packages and Mr. Nielson's take out I had picked up for him.
And, being the perfect mother I am, I quickly pretended I was a poor pioneer wandering the plains. Most poor pioneers never had ice cream before, so I was a very lucky poor pioneer getting any kind of ice cream at all...right?
Whats a little dirt anyway (don't answer that).
Anyway, no one noticed except for my boys, but they do that type of thing with everything they eat everyday so they certainly didn't care.
On the way to the car, Ollie wanted pretend he was a pirate with all his fancy chocolate coins.
Then he asked me to pretend that he had an eye patch.
Then he asked me to pretend I had some sort of pirate paraphernalia going on.
I picked a peg leg.
And Nicholas settled for a hook and a parrot on his shoulder.
Then I pretended I was a pirate instead of a poor pioneer with my dirty ice cream cone.
Because we all know that pirates are dirty anyway.