Monday, July 12, 2010

Date night.

Mr. Nielson and I finally went on a real date.
I mean, we got a babysitter (thanks Chickie) and made dinner plans and everything.
Saturday night took us to the beautiful Provo canyon
to a delightful little land called Sundance.
It was lush and green just as I always remembered it being.
When I was little, my dad would pile us all in the suburban on
Sunday evenings and drive us up to the canyon. With windows rolled down, all of us kids
would stick heads out to admire the beauty.
In the winter all of us still in elementary school would take ski lessons and then when I turned 19 I became a ski instructor there.
It will always be a special place in my heart.
But, back to the hot date.
Mr. Nielson and I had a delicious dinner forgoing the dessert only
because we wanted to make it back to town to see a movie.
We held hands in the movie theater. It was hot.
I casually would look at him during the movie admiring his profile.
I love him.
We went to bed that night playing footsies until Claire wobbled into our room crying.
Sadly, earlier that day we watched "Titanic" and she was scared of all the
frozen dead people in the ocean. Then she said:
"I could see Nicholas frozen dead in the water by Jane and Ollie. It was so scary"
Then she asked me if I'd rather die by fire or by ice.

Well, I tried the fire thing, didn't quite work out, I'll try ice the next time around.