Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cooking in style.

Come one come all who love aprons!
Boy do I have the one for you!
It's got color and ruffles...two must-haves for a proper feminine apron.

And I'd like to give you one.

This apron will be a fantastic touch while
baking your holiday fruit cake.

I am already looking on to the holidays.
Call me crazy, or blame it on Matthew Mead.
He has gotten me in the mood with his wonderful ideas and
must-haves for this Christmas decorating.
I am already working on my holiday menu list. (do I sound like Martha Stewart yet?)
I even actually listened to Nat Kind Cole's Christmas disc while cooking.
I am a sucker for good romantic Christmas music.

His site is here...check it out and reserve your copy of
Holiday with Matthew Mead...magazine.
I am going to be guest writing about my
happiest holiday past times and traditions. I hope you can find something
that will become one of your favorite holiday moments.

Now go, enter your name for the fabulous apron I was talking about.

Then, turn up Winter wonderland, put on that apron and get cracking.
Pretty soon the snow will actually be coming down- and sooner than you think.
Happy cooking and planning your holiday menu already!
And good luck winning the apron!