Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beautiful people

(Mr. Nielson doing yard work.
photo by Justin Hackworth)

I was awoken by Nicholas’ big brown eyes this morning.
Our nose touching. He wanted Nachos for breakfast.
Mr. Nielson made us eggs, yogurt and 8 grain oatmeal cereal.
So, when I rolled out of bed I saw a trail of cheerios to the bathroom. The seat was up and toilet paper still attached to the dispenser crossing the seat and over to the other side of the toilet. And then more cheerios on the floor laying next to a baggie.
A baggie with a name on it.
“Ollie” it read. Of course it is Ollie.
I see toothpaste dried up on the sides of the sink,
and an hair brush- Mr. Nielson’s prized brush full of dolls hair.
Moving onward down the hall, I step on one of Ollie’s new spurs he got to adorn his new cowboy boots. The kids are getting ready for Ranch Days in New Mexico.
The living room is a toy bomb. I see three piles; a Lego pile, a train pile, and a bunch of books lying around on every couch and on the floor.
The kitchen sits with last nights salmon and salad.
It’s a good think I am not pregnant, or I would have died already.
I awe at my Mr. Nielson. He is certainly something extraordinary.
He fed the children breakfast while I read the newspaper. Then he took all
the children to Home Depot during lunch time.
I got to slowly pick up the house and talk to myself. (A few favorite past-times.)
Then he made a magnificent playhouse out back.
Mr. Nielson came inside at 7:30, found me sleeping, so he made dinner.
Then he gathered us all in for FHE.
We watched this.
He gave my feet a squeeze throughout the whole message.
The spiritual message combined with Mr. Nielson right near me felt so pure and beautiful.
We also listened to Mr. Nielson sing "I am a child of God"
It was touching and so beautiful.
Happy people are beautiful.

****post note***

I wrote this post late last night mixed with a little lunesta.
I am so embarrassed at what I wrote/spelled.