Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alice Lane: Transformation of my basement.

Magleby's men building the beautiful custom shelves

Getting Closer
Looking amazing

Beautiful!!! Look at the darling red knobs.

More downstairs
Look how cheerful the books look colorfully stacked up
on the new beautiful cupboards.

Mr. Nielson and I are away in San Diego.
And, Alice Lane is at our Briar Avenue home In Utah.
The goal: transformation of our basement.
With fabulous cabinetry work by Magleby's (who are prized all over the country)
and Suzanne and Jess decorating every nook and cranny of my basement.
From the fabric swatches to the wallpaper, to picking out knobs for the cupboards,
they've helped me and inspired me throughout the delightful transformation.
I am really excited.
Really excited.

Shall we have a party?

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