Friday, July 30, 2010

Alice Lane and delicious details.

My basement got a major face lift...and I mean major.
And I had nothing to do with it.
These girls did. Meet Jess and Suzanne.

(Suzanne and Jess)
The masterminds behind the beautiful Alice Lane
(only home deco store worth going to in Utah).
They had such small and awkward space to work with in my basement.
The ladies worked it beautifully.
And Jess and Suzanne were not all to thank for the masterpiece.
The beautiful cupboards were made by Maglebys.
A prime cabinetry's shop(and nationally ranked).
Along with the AV/electrical guy Jonathon, the movers,
and all the behind the scene's people helping out.
But, a big huge thank you to Suzanne's Mom (who I only know as Sister York)
for cleaning my house up (was it a little nostalgic for ya?)
And an ever BIGGER thank you to those of you who made sure Jimmy had water and food while you were working. It truly was kind of you (really REALLY kind of you)

My favorite are the details which make the room shine.

(The dazzling light fixture and knobs to boot)

(Cute Kristen at Alice Lane, a vintage painting in my basement)

(Mark Magleby after his hard work along with Jonathon and helper setting up the TV
FYI: that picture of Mark is my favorite)

Thank you- now seriously we are having a party.
Check out Alice Lane's site
or their beautiful blog here for more of my basement transformation.
Also, YES Alice Lane will pimp themselves out to other states (that's for you Sarah H.)

And P.S...I am totally going to this Mindy concert. I think you should too.
Mindy's new album is incredible. Your going to love it!
More information here.

And I think you should all know beforehand, that she will be performing my favorite song
"All about your heart"....or as I call it "Scars"
I also pretend Mindy wrote the song just for me and my life.
AND, it is the song that was featured in my "New Life Video"