Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 reasons why I hate fire, among other stuff

(Fires on my Y mountain)
{I first would like to take this time and apologize for my sweeeet post yesterday. I took my insomnia pill and then began witting. Not such a hot idea. (fyi).
Last month when I was in the hospital, and on bed-rest there is not too much going on.
(other than watch the only 2 channels on the TV?)
So what did I do?
I shopped online.
I'm pretty sure I ordered enough clothes to fit all the kids at Wasatch elementary.
I bought close to 4-5 things exactly the same for Claire and Jane.
But, I am happy to report that I have since sent them all back with no harm done.
Except now, when Mr. Nielson says for me to put the computer down, because I am slightly "tipsy" I need to listen to him.
(just like I failed to do in the hospital and, last time when I didn't listen, not only did I buy 4-5 boxes of clothes with the same things inside, I sent very strange and creepy pictures of my body, texts and pictures to my Mother and sisters. Oh don't get me started...
I'll just say this: I was very loopy, and my family knew that.
In fact they were heard saying:
"if Stephanie is loopy she it means she is happy and comfortable".}


Now, on to the day.
The special day where I didn't shower or change.
I did brush my teeth though.
(But not until 10:30 at night better late than never...right?).
Something has died in my kitchen. We think it is a mouse.
It smells terrible, awful and putrid.
I can't handle stinky houses and Mr. Nielson can't stand me smelling and sniffing and complaining about the stinky houses...since he can't smell it..

A fire had broke out on the hills behind my house.
I don't like fires for a few reasons:

1. I was burned 83% of my body in a horrific plane crash so naturally,
fire just plain scares me.

2. Fire means smoke, and smoke is what invaded my lungs.
So the smell really terrifies me. It usually means something is not right.

3. I don't like the alarms and sirens.
They remind me of laying on the side of the road waiting
for help after the plane crashed. All I could think and feel were pain and thirst.
In fact, I was in desperate pain and all I wanted was a drink of water
and for someone to take my pants off since my jeans were burning into my legs.

4. The wildfire toasted some lush green trees and golden shrubs.
Makes' me so sad and protective to think about.

We pretty much just ate pretzels and nutella for breakfast and lunch.
I am in a collecting mood. I am now collecting paint by numbers kits or already painted masterpieces. I love the bright vintage colors and look. Would go perfect in a cabin in the 60's.
I fancy mostly horses and dogs.
I always pick them up whenever I see them at yard sales.
I started my own picture today. It did turn out a masterpiece if I may say so myself...
oh and Claire's friend KK said I should be famous.
Ahhh, if only.

Claire and Jane said they were hungry and hadn't had anything to eat almost all day.
Just then, I began thinking about what sort of Mother tells her children to fend for themselves,
and eat pretzels and nutella all day. I thought that, that mother should be thrown into jail.
But then Jane said to me:
"I didn't eat anything at all, but I'm alright, its weird"
Then I said a kinda-thanks to Jane and felt not quite so guilty.
But then she said she wished her Mother was Aunt Lizzie who cooks really
yummy food all the time.
Then I felt really sad and called it night.

(Jane on the 4th of July)