Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ice cream for FHE

(the children outside before night)

My favorite time of the day is dusk.
Mr. Nielson and I took the children to get ice cream in the dusk.
We all hopped in the car.
We had fish for dinner.
The fish is still on the table right now at 12:30 in the morning.
The food and all dishes are on my table as well.
I pooped out of gas after returning home from lunch with my siblings and Mom.
Mr. Nielson took the children boating while I turned up my music and cleaned...
trying to heavy clean.
But I am not the chipper, sassy, cleaning fool that I used to be.
In fact this is what is like:

Pick up 3 items off the floor.
Go into the kitchen for snack.
Load 6 dishes in the opened dishwasher and wipe the table down.
Sit down in on the kitchen stool.
Then I take the towel and dust the windowsills, and wipe down the floorboards.
Take a towel in the laundry room and while I was at it, i do a load of whites.
I fold the clothes from the dryer.
Sit down in the laundry room near the computer.
Checked my e-mail, take a rest.
Put away the ironing board, take out the broom.
Sweep kitchen.
Get a drink of water and string cheese.
Get out clean towel out and wipe down the fridgerater, oven, and microwave.
Get mail. Read mail for 1/2.
Sit down and mentally rearrange some things.
Get drink of water, load 3 more dishes.
Answer cell phone, talk while I wipe down the sinks in the kitchen.

(Mr. Nielson loading us all up in the car. Straight ho to get ice cream)

Call it good for today.
Cry from pain.
Loving all the space I am making!
Hop into the car after FHE and get ice cream.

Happy Birthday Andrew!