Monday, June 14, 2010

From room 11

(Nurse Katie giving me a bath)

I am writing in my hospital bed from room 11.
My skin graphs are healing as is my new neck.
It comes with a price to pay.
Pain, discomfort, and hardship everyday.
Tomorrow will welcome 6 days short of my one month stay here
in the Maricopa Burn Center.
I may be bias, but the nurses and doctors here are the very best. THE BEST!

Dr. L. and I text each other when I get bored and want to bug him.
It goes like this:
me: Where are u? I hurt.
Dr. L: I am at a Bat Mitzvah
me: A what? R u Jewish? Do u wear a Jewish cap when you go?
Dr. L: No we are token Catholics.
me: sweet.
Dr. L: I will come in and visit you tomorrow
me: I want to go home
Dr. L: I already knew that.
me: OK, carry on.
Dr. L: I will see you tomorrow

And then I take a nap.
I miss my children more than any word could describe.
I think about them every spare minute I can.
They are not allowed in the Burn Unit, so all I can do is think about
Claire's freckles, Jane's blue blue eyes, Ollie's smile and Nicholas' cheeks.
Mr. Nielson visits me everyday and brings me in food.
My hope is that I can come home today, but doctor L. will have to check me out to be sure.
Cross your fingers and say your prayers.

Thanks for the support I love you all