Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Few Shutter-Seconds of Today

It's starting to get hot...really hot. This was at 7:00pm...night time! Stephanie is going to die when she goes outside for the first time in weeks.

"Hi are you feeling today? When are you coming home?"

Watching the classics: Tom & Jerry from 1938.

Thinking about laughing out loud as the cat cracks all his teeth.

One size, fits none hospital pants. Signed by nurses and family. Need to get Dr. L on there.

Stephanie's surgery went well today, as we expected. We are hoping to have her home soon. But probably not before I have a little work done myself. I guess it's my turn in the OR.
P.S. - Killed 1 (sometimes 2) scorpions every night this week...yesssss.