Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dr. L and a Dr. M.

I had a check-up appointment with Dr. L. and sweet Dr. M. Both highly skilled Mayo doctors.
(I feel sooo lucky)
Dr. L is very loud and often time's nurses will come into my room to make sure everything is OK. Most likely he is singing me some opera or something. Dr. M just rolls his eyes and then when Dr. L. puts his hands up in the air and says to me:
"Your like my 13 year old daughter, so whiny, I can't-YOU do it"
Then is pushes the scissors to Dr. M. who sweetly accepts and begins taking out my 500 million stitches which span my face and back side.
That's just how we roll. And I like it.
Then Dr L. got really mad because my hair kept getting in the way of my wounds and he again, put his hands up and looked at Mr. Nielson and said:
"Can you do something about this...this forest? (meaning my hair)
Mr. Nielson helps me sweep it back for Dr. L. to do his thing.
After Dr. L. leaves I pull out 10 pieces of my own long hair and put it all over his chair and instrument table.
It was sweet.
It's always a experience there at the clinic.
And I will always love you Dr. L. and you know that.
And lastly a letter to my friend:

Hi sweet friend Bianca-
I think you are so funny.
I love the sweater you gave me, like a lot.
I am watching the world cup...go Donovan ;) then I think about you.
I hope that is OK.