Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Weekend Road Trip

(somewhere near lake powell)

This weekend I (Mr. Nielson that is, not Nienie) flew to Utah and drove back to AZ in less than 24 hours. I'm gathering our chicks to Arizona as we anticipate Stephanie's release from the hospital and the imminent summer break.

When Stephanie and I came down to AZ we were a little unprepared to stay for surgery. So, I picked up some essentials from home plus a couple of boys and 1 dog. The girls will stay in UT and finish up school for another week.

(pit stop)

Stephanie continues to do well. She had an unexpected "touch-up" surgery on Saturday, about the time the boys and I were driving across the Glen Canyon Dam. I felt so guilty not being there.

As soon as we arrived at Grandmary's house I tucked in the boys and headed back to her hospital bedside.
The best part is, she didn't even remember me being gone...yessss.