Thursday, May 27, 2010

Special Rooms

Today Stephanie walked around the Burn Floor 4 times with PT-Deb on one arm and me on the other. Oh the laughs we had...seriously pretty funny.

As we passed by each room there were patients in some and not in others. But that's not what I would see as we walked by. My mind's eye would look back into the not so distant past when Stephanie or I was a patient in that room.

Each room holds a special, often sacred experience. Each room can be described by feelings that sound like me narrating a myself: "this is the room where I woke up" or "this is the room I first saw Stephanie asleep in a coma", or "this is the room I learned to walk again".

Late last night as I left the Burn Center the spirit of one special room caught my mind. The door was open with no patient inside, room tidy, bed empty, sheets folded neatly where they should be. It was the room where my dear friend Doug passed away nearly two years ago. To me it will always and only be his room.

Stephanie and I to this day have never set foot in that particular room...only peering-in from the hall remembering our friend. He left this earth from that room. It's a special place for me as I know it is for his family who was with him in that room on that day.

Thankfully the image that comes to my mind is this...

...the way I remember him then and now: happy, focused, and taking in the beauty of the world below.

A little piece of inspiration to go along with a man and a memory like Doug.

P.S. - Stephanie is still doing well. She's having another minor surgery in the morning. I know you will be thinking of her as I know you always do...thank you so much.