Friday, May 14, 2010


(Nicholas jumping on the trampoline. That IS a fake knife)

Today I took hunchie to Target.
I took Nicholas and Oliver too.
I bought some new bathroom towels, and light bulbs (among other "stuff")
After I felt dizzy.
I went home and read some wonderful mail from you.
I felt special, loved and beautiful- what a combination that is!
Then I got a few letters that told me I was vain and ugly. What an awful combination that is!
(Oh, and one that suggest I test Nicholas for something or other...)
I have been getting nasty comments on my Nie and You blog.
But people are so good, I have a hard time believing them.
There is goodness in every single one of us. If we dig deep its there.
Its called the Light of Christ.
Its in me, you and your worst enemy.
We all have baggage to claim and it may be heavy or light, but God is always there.
The good news is, you have always been a son/daughter of God, and you always will be.
This, my friends should give you the confidence you need to get through anything.
What potential we have.
Do something, be someone that is good and beautiful.
This accident has taught me a thing or two about what it means to be truly happy.
Its one of the greatest lessons I could ever learn.

Happy Weekend!