Monday, May 10, 2010

The mothers day that wasn't.

(The girls before church)

I threw up on Mothers day. About 20 times every 15 minutes.
It was pretty bad, but even worse that hunchie had to come along. (double ouch).
It reminded me the last time I threw up, (which was a year ago)I had just gotten my new compression mask to wear to bed. (think this) I woke up in a fright and ran to the toilet, my awkward painful fingers couldn't take my mask off. So, shamelessly, I barfed while wearing it.
Try (if you dare) to put some nylons over your head then leave them on and then throw up. Imagine where the vomit goes.....

-End of description-
So, Mothers day was a bomb.
I still have my Williams and Sonoma gift all wrapped up waiting for me on my kitchen table.
I went in the kitchen while my family was at church. I saw my gift and then next to it was last nights pizza I barely made it to the bathroom in time to make it in the toilet.
Mr. Nielson told me that we could pretend mothers day was whenever I feel better.
Then he wiped off the throw-up in my hair.
Last Mothers Day, I was just home from the hospital. I received the greatest gift ever then. And I didn't even have to open it up.
I love all the Mothers of the world. And that means YOU, even if you aren't a "mother" of children per say- but you are Mothers...Women just are- no matter what.

(Afternoon lunch)