Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lucky girl

(Me and Mr. Nielson on southwest PHX to SLC)

I want to first thank you for viewing the video I was honored to be in.
I so enjoyed reading your comments
(even though a few peeps gave me the thumbs down on youtube...ha)
It was truly a spiritual experience sharing my feelings with you in that type of setting.
I give all the credit to God...all of it.
Again, thank you again for the sweet, upbeat, and encouraging messages I received!
I am a lucky, lucky girl.
Speaking of Lucky, Mr. Nielson snapped a few shots of me peacefully sleeping in his arms on the airplane on the way home from my hunchie expansion.
I love that guy.
Talk about lucky.
I am waiting for him to finish his nightly walk with Jimmy and come tuck me into bed before doing the dishes or something very productive that needs done around the house.
He is the man.

PS...Stacy and Andrew never fail to send me flowers on Cinco De Mayo.
They are the best.