Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I sat outside with Nicholas and Oliver today in the early morning Spring sun.
It was energizing!
My picnic blanket was made by a sweet boy's mother whom I knew in High School.
It was one of the sweetest gifts I have ever been given.
I love quilts.
I love the colors, fabrics and the never-ending designs.
Linda's blanket was blocked in pinks and browns.
A favorite color coordination of mine.

I sat on the blanket today and pondered.
I am preparing for another treatment of "hunchie" today in Phoenix.
Page is taking the children and Mr. Nielson and I will again eat bagels for breakfast on a Southwest flight bound for Dr. L's office.
Hunchie will get that much bigger and that much more uncomfortable.
I tried to do all the household shopping and cleaning because I fear when I return, I will be down and out.
(in fact I am counting on it)

I will have to wear big hoodies and yoga pants...not that I am complaining too much, but it is nice to look put-together most days.
I am certain that dressing each day with one accessory is an
instant and definite anti-depressant.
Try it.
Thanks again Linda!