Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'd rather be napping.

(View 32,000 feet up)

Probably as you read this, I am on a Southwest flight bound for PHX.
My appointment with Dr. L. is today, and hopefully my last for a while.
My expansion is coming along and major surgery is planned for June 8th but,
I have been having some pain back there and Dr. L. is worried we may have to
operate sooner than expected.
I pray its not so.
So, I leave for Phoenix today (and maybe) for longer than I expected.
My ideal day would include not being admitted to the hospital and flying back home.
Actually, my ideal day would be laying in my bed next to Nicholas.
Doesn't his nap look so wonderful?

(Nicholas Jones on my bed-the spring wind blows from outside the window.)

Other :
Questions answered right here.
1. The bike in "My New Life" video is a Madson. You can find them here.
(the best purchase you will ever make...seriously)
2. Dear________, You sent me $20.00 in the mail to cover the cost of a book. I can't remember who it was.
I am very embarrassed to share this news. Please forgive me, and send me an e-mail.
3. Nicholas' shirt is from here.

Carry on.