Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I got expanded and laughed pretty hard.

(I crashed seconds from walking into my door)
Mr. Nielson and I walked into our dark house just as we had left it hours ago that morning.
The children all snug asleep as my handsome nephews and
one adorable niece were there to watch guard.

Hunchie has tripled in size, and I can certainly feel it.
(and I am sure you can certainly see it!)
It is beginning to become very uncomfortable and heavy.
This also means it wont be long before they operate.
In fact we talked dates...mid June is the verdict. Keep your fingers crossed.
After a cheerful visit from Dr. L. (who told me in his very charming Italian) that I was ugly and needed some work done-or something like that. Then I punched his leg and told him he was a brat. Then he explained to me that it really means something nice. He even went so far as to say it meant something quite endearing-
that's the last time I bring him cookies to work every week.
After the expansion we met with the in-laws and we saw 'Babies'-a new movie out.
It was a perfect treat for Mothers Day. Go and see it, but beware it will make you super super baby-hungry. I think I could kill for one-but not really, but really. Kind of.
And, you will see a lot of boobies.
No biggie.
Maybe not see the movie for the first time with your father-in-law.
(I love you Boss!)
Just a suggestion.
Its pretty harmless though.
Favorite part- when African baby poops on mothers knee, and mother wipes it into her skin as moisturizer.
And when the Mongolian baby plays in the middle of a field with Oxen.
Least favorite part- The United Sates Parents. They make Motherhood/fatherhood as nerdy as it gets. Also, they portray the USA parents as if we have no clue what we are doing.
Other least favorite part- No Scandinavian baby. They certainly do make the cutest babies.
Mr. Nielson and I went to a nice Mexican joint for dinner after.
Mr. Nielson remarked I must be hungry because I was going to town on my burro- and I then reminded him that I was now eating for two.
Then in the car on the way home from the airport,
Mr. Nielson was singing the dumbest song on the radio trying to keep himself awake. We changed the words around a little to make us laugh AND stay awake. Here is what we came up with:
Lady Antebellum, to song "Need you now"
"Its a quarter after one, I heard a little drum, pa rum pum pum pum".
Try, it- its so funny.
Try saying "Lunch" for any song that says love.
for example: (to Faith Hill, Lets make Love (or lunch) song:
"Lets make lunch, from now on, until all our strength is gone...."

You see where I am going with this, right?
Now I am exhausted and going to bed.