Monday, May 17, 2010


Mr. Nielson, the children and I rode our bikes to my Parents house on Fir Avenue.
It is a tradition we have been doing every Sunday since the Mr. and I were married.
And now it is going to end.
I will be in Arizona for treatments and surgery and Mom and Dad will be moving and living in St. Louis for three years. My brother Matt and his family will move in the
Clark house on Fir Avenue the beginning of June.
Dad made dinner tonight
(the usual beets, cheese, vegetable melody, and of course Jell-o among other stuff).
Then he passed out licorice, taffy and told us stories about his recent trip to Lake Powell with his brothers and sisters.
Then I looked around the house.
Then I felt really sad.
Why do things have to change? I love them just the way they are.

(Andrew and Luke.....Lucy and Betsy with Drew)

So I sucked in the tears and
told my niece Lindsay about when my boyfriend in high school used to throw rocks at my window at night. It will be her room now.
Her boyfriends will do the same.
Then I saw the swing Mr. Nielson made out back
for my dad's 65th birthday.
It will still hang in the large chestnut tree.

(My house on Fir Avenue)

It was hard to admit that change is good. But it is.
It is vital to our growth and I am aware of that.
I just feel like my childhood is fading away.
I really loved my childhood.

(Me and Mr. Nielson...check out my new long locks)

My weekend was low-key.
My back was sore most of the week, maybe infected, which means I will have surgery sooner than expected. I hope not.
Then, I went to the optometrist because my right eye was really blurry and painful.
Doctor says I have a Corneal Ulcer.
Perfect timing.
Then I got my hair fixed all up at I'm Beautiful salon.
Shannon did my hair while I sat in the chair- eyes closed.
I think I fell asleep a few times.
I love it there.
Good news, school is almost out.
And the other good news is, I will get a new neck soon.
(It's like Christmas, and Dr. L. is Santa Claus).