Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I felt a little better today.
Having the flu is the worst. It really is.
I finally decided to get my sick body up and get in the shower, but
Mr. Nielson had beat me to it. No problem, I just hopped in and joined him.

Anyway, after the shower I asked Mr. Nielson to please braid my hair.
Mr. Nielson always says yes to anything I need have done to my hair.
But when I asked for braids he gave me a very confused look and said:
Braids? I don't know how to do those
Then I said:
Yes you do, you are a boy scout
and he said:
But we didn't learn how to braid women's hair.
Then I reminded him that most of the manliest cowboys probably had to braid their horses tails once and awhile.
NO WAY he voiced.
followed by:
No way did John Wayne braid his horsed tail, no way did Zorro, or Wyatt Earp, or Butch Cassidy braid their horsed tails either-that's so girly.
Then I said:
I bet The Sundance kid braided his horses tails.
In fact I know he did because he was a romantic.
And romantic men do things like that-just like what you are doing right now.
It's hot.
Then he tied a rubber band around my braids and I took a big long nap.

Back to Phoenix today for another hunchie treatment... 2 more to go!