Friday, April 23, 2010

The Week Wrap-up

Here is my week in pictures. I am wrapping up another week that to me, zoomed right by.
Next week I head back to the Sun (arizona) to see my favorite doctor (Dr. L). He will inject crap into the balloons on my back to begin our 3 month project. I hope it works this time!!
Have a fantatic week!
Here are some announcements from Nie to you!

Check out my favorite cupcake store, Sweet Tooth Fairy on Twitter and also Facebook.
Megan the frosting queen is doing something called 'Bake a Difference', she is going to donate money to diffrent causes (like the Burn Center and Breast Cancer). It is really cool and I hope all of you will join. Instead of buying a piece of paper at the grocrey store to help donate money, you could eat a delish cupcake instead.
Plus I bet it wont make you fat because you are helping someone.
(I like to look at it that way)

A little birdie told me there was going to be a bake sale in Santaquin, UT. This bake sale is going on to help a very beautiful and special family who's mother has cancer.
Here is her write-up:
"Amy Jackson, an amazing wife, mom of six young children, daughter, sister and friend has just been diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma a fast spreading form of cancer. Because her life has been dedicated to serving others especially youth and the community and with limited time we are raising money to help them in this devastating time of sadness. We are hoping to help cover their needs as a family including helping make some great family memories! We are holding a benefit yard/bake sale on Friday, April 23rd and Saturday April 24th from 8 am to whenever at 270 East Main in Santaquin. Your help and support is greatly appreciated!"