Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to inflate...wahoo

(Me saying hi to the chief, Cjane, Ever and Chris K.)

Well folks, I am headed out.
Headed south to see my Dr. L.
Like I have said, he will expand my back balloons to begin our process again of
reconstructing a new neck. (one that works, please).
I leave at 7:00 am to catch a flight to Phoenix.
Just Mr. Nielson and I.
It will be a nice chance to catch up on a million conversations that we have started but never finished becuase someone needs to be wiped, helped, or loved.
Its all part of the deal, but so are dates.
This date is just going to be a over-nighter.

Today I spent some time at sister Page's house.
I ate hummus and chips for about an hour talking about how I needed to go home,
but the hummus was just too tasty.
Her kids are so funny and darling, you could spend hours up there and never know it.

So, here are a bunch of sweet action shots Ollie took of me outside today.
The weather was dreamy and we spent a good portion of it out.
I am not sure if I will "be in the office" tomorrow. (I've always wanted to say that).
I may be down and out from my awesome expansion.
Love to you all


(if you look closely in the pics, you can check out my deflated balloons. I have two of them in my back).