Friday, April 16, 2010

Sew not funny

My little gigs got stitches today. On his chin.
Eyewitness reported (Lucy) that Nicholas somersaulted in the air off Page's trampoline and hit the ground splitting his chin open around 12:43 pm today.
I was eating lunch.
I dropped my chips and ran to his side.
There he was gasping for air, and he held his hands!
I was fully prepared for him to be wrapped in the arms of his more comfortable looking "mother"-Lucy, instead he came right to me.
My heart was filled with love and compassion.

I always worry he will chose her over me. Not in a spiteful way at all, rather in a natural kind of way. He remembers her, and the accident was not that far away. I am so grateful to Lucy, and love her so much. I could never ever ever be upset. But when he reached for me, I was overcome with the kind of love only a mother could possibly know.

I held him tight and I was crying right along with him.
But not sad crying- happy crying.
Happy his blood was stained on my shirt.
Happy he looked for me after his accident.
Happy he is mine.
Happy I am alive to love him and mug on him.
Happy to have promised him to go to the movie theater after his 5 stitches were put in.
And happy to give him a few suckers for being such a good boy
(actually he screamed like crazy in the dr's office).
Such simple moments in life are worth every second.

Have a good weekend.