Friday, April 09, 2010


A few facts about my third-born:

Ollie and I made up a secret handshake this morning.
I gave Ollie a glass bottle with skeleton cross bones on it-
as a result he has pretended to drink poison all day long.
I never have to ask Ollie twice to do anything.
Ollie kisses me everyday. Like smoooooches me.
Ollie loves the song 'Families can be together forever',
and he thinks it was written just for him since we say his name in it-
(actually we are saying "all eternity")
Ollie has only one of his 2 front teeth
Ollie's remaining front tooth is fake.
Ollie loves cowboys, swords, and enjas (ninjas).
When Ollie loves you and can't get enough of you
he will put his fingers under your armpits and pinch you really hard.

Ollie will make some woman very happy