Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nic's Pic's

I love when I download my iphone into my computer before bed, and to my surprise,
I have a bunch of photos that obviously Nicholas took.
(I know because of the height of all the photos.)
For example; these of Jimmy:

Picture #1: peacefully asleep
Picture #2: Startled and annoyed.

I ask myself every time I see pictures taken on my phone; where was I when he snapped these.
Also on this roll, I found a few of the Mr. Nielson getting in the shower, and me in the garden.
This is what I like to call:
Nic's Pic's.
I am excited to see what I get tomorrow.

Do you know my favorite lullaby? Go here to guess.
(PS... the page wont be up until 11:00 am, so come back and check it out)