Monday, April 26, 2010

My weekend highlights

(Me charting the course for our sailing trip)

It is Sunday evening. One of my favorite times of the day.
Mr. Nielson and I lay in our bed together and we have decided to
watch a movie before we settle down for the night.
But, I couldn't do that until I have written about some
wonderful things that happened this past week.

*The weekend was fantastic! Nothing happened. It was perfect.
*The children ate popcorn for dinner on Friday.
*We went sailing on Saturday.
*I finally finished the laundry.
*Mr. Nielson changed Jane's bike tire.
*I rode my bike to my Mothers house with all children and my husband.
*I rode my bike home with Nicholas on my lap and his scooter propped up on my bike.
*I felt strong, I felt good, and I was happy.
*Preparing to begin expansion of Hunchie (again) on Tuesday in Arizona-
not looking forward to it.
*I prayed to my Lord and thanked him for my life. I am so happy.
*Took Nic, Ollie, and Anson to Target. What an adventure!
*Mr. Nielson and I browsed the J.Crew catalog looking for some hoodies.
*I wrote thank you cards, (and if you are reading this, I probably owe you one too).
*Played with Lucy and Betsy at Mom's house after Sunday dinner.
*Made fun of Betsy's awesome hair.
*Watched Betsy pretend to be a fish in the tub.
*Snuggling up to Mr. Nielson.
*Seeing the beautiful apple blossoms out my window.
*Getting cookies dropped off at my house-(Thank you!)
*Smelling spring.

(Betsy on Sunday evening)

Happy week!

Cool video here.