Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Merry Christmas Nie!

I am going to be in Phoenix this
summer for more treatments on my back/neck.

One of the things I can look forward to in the sweating hot June-July-August months is this delightful little opportunity I have to assist Matthew Mead in a Christmas gathering at one of my very very favorite spots Phoenix for his upcoming holiday issue of
Flea Market Style!
I am thrilled as I can be!

Here is the write up they have posted on me:

A focus on real life and real traditions is what drew me to the NieNie Dialogues and wanting NieNie to be a part of our very special upcoming HOLIDAY WITH MATTHEW MEAD. In early June, Jenny, Linda and I will travel to Arizona to meet Stephanie Nielson and begin to capture some of her very favorite Christmas traditions with her family and friends, as well as some of her amazing shopping hot spots in the area. It is always exciting to travel to a new city and new space and see traditions freshly interpreted through someone else's eyes. We've been pouring over ideas - noting NieNie's great style in her past posts - and thinking, thinking, thinking about ways to wrap up her holiday so that when you open it, all will be special and unexpected...just as Christmas ought to be. We have a very special location in mind for this all to unfold, so please stay tuned and follow along with us as we plan for this exciting photo shoot!

Best, Matthew

Another note: I get the last word.
You know the coveted end Page. I get it. I get to write in it and possibly grace a photo.
Now, that is exciting!
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