Thursday, April 01, 2010


(This may or may not be me.
Ohhhh...can you imagine me with long hair.)

Before the accident I was trying my best to grow my hair out.
And it got pretty long...for me anyway.
Then they shaved it when I was rushed to the hospital.
The only memory I have on this earth during my comatose state,
was when they shaved my head.
Cute Cic at I'm Beautiful salon attached hair to my head (thank you India)
Megan brought in Cupcakes to enjoy while we were in the salon. Ohhhh boy. Yum.
It was a perfect day. Oh, and did I mention I got glitter toes. Yes I did. That was a first too.
Mr. Nielson and I are off for a weekend in California/Arizona.
We are planning to attend another gala for burn survivors.
And I have my new hair to show off.
Can you believe it?! (I look like my sister Lucy)

My thank yous to:
I'm beautiful salon/ladies
Megan THE sweet tooth fairy!