Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letter to e-mail

Dear woman who sends me mean e-mails,

I guess I should clarify that we have an income which is not from people's generous donations in relation with my accident. With our own income, we use to live. With donations, we gratefully use for medical procedures.

I am sorry it bugs you that I went to the salon. I am sorry you don't understand just exactly my thoughts, worries and concerns that effect my actions. I don't think getting my toes painted is really that vain. I am just trying to feel physically attractive again, be a good Mom, find my role as wife and woman again and enjoy life.

We are lucky enough to have amazing families who help us and provide for us.
I feel so blessed, and it is not going to stop me from blogging about my life.
If it bothers you so much, please don't read my blog everyday-

With love,