Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hunchie expansion part 1

(Claire and Jane with some favorite cousins and best friends.
Claire and Jane are the ones with their faces painted-just in case you couldn't tell roar!)

Expanding hunchie was not bad-not bad at all.
We had a friendly little visit with Dr. L. while he expanded
my back "bumps" back to "Hunchie".
Did I mention that I loved that guy, even if he dropped the F-bomb in my check-up.
Then I told him I was Mormon and us Mormons don't/shouldn't say that word, and then I told him I made him some "Mormon cookies" (actually Tammie Coe made them). But I wanted to tell him how much I really appreciated the guy.
Then I put him on the spot and made sure he was taking care of his secretaries.
I made sure he sent them flowers and candy on nurse and secretary day.
He said "Yes of course" as if I were stupid.
Then I checked with his right hand gal Sharon to make sure he was true to his word.
Yes he was.
But he should still use "please" and "thank you" when addressing them.
And I told him so.
And he did the rest of the visit.
Next week I will not only bring him cookies, but cookies AND a Book of Mormon so he wont think us Mormons are a secret (you can too).
Watch out Dr L. next week we will get into the hereafter and all sorts of other
"Mormon topics" because I KNOW you love all of that chat.
(and I also know you don't read this, but oh well...your loss ;)
Boss Nielson and Mary (or grandmary to my children) took us to Rosa's for dinner. It was a delightful time. Its always nice to eat out with Boss Nielson because he always laughs at my jokes and he opens the car door for me (hint, hint Mr. Nielson)
I am now preparing to sleep with hunchie-armed with my sleeping pill, I will (hopefully) doze off into dreamland. But not before I think about my children. Here are the pictures of them here in AZ with some of their best friends.
With faces painted.
Why are their faces painted?

(Oliver and Nic with Jack. Their favorite cousin in the whole world.
Jack can do no wrong)