Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3:00 blues

Around 3:00, I decide I'm pretty much tired of the day and ready for the moon to be up and everyone in bed. Maybe its a little depression, but seriously, all I can think about is bedtime.
I want to be really close to Mr. Nielson looking out my window at the dark mountains.
I want to know that my chickens are all downstairs below me sleeping in dreamland. Safe.
Its a comfort feeling, and one I crave all the time apparently.
Today at 3:00, I caught my boys making their own fun while I napped.
There they were sitting on the dutch door looking out.
3:00 or 9:00, they don't know the difference.
Because in their lives, every hour is good.

And I can learn from them.

**Special Happy Birthday's to:
Papa Layton 97
Grandma Marion 87
Cousin Mike 29