Tuesday, March 09, 2010


(Mr. Nielson, Ollie and Nic eating yogurt on a Saturday in Mesa.
Here Nic is trying on his free wristband)

I have been waiting to try our good friends new yogurt store 'Yodipity'. Finally we made it happen, and I am sure glad we did!

For one thing, the flavors of yogurt are delicious. I loved mixing lime with cake batter. It was delicious. My boys both got chocolate with gummy bears and sprinkles. I think Mr. Nielson got chocolate too, I am not sure. I was too busy shoveling yogurt goodness in my mouth.

If you live here, its worth a try, plus the kiddies get a free "I Love Yodipity" wristband. Cool! Another favorite, there are crayons and paper available for the kids to color on while eating their yogurt. Genius idea!
Plus, you don't want to miss their bright pink concrete flooring.

I will work on getting a signature "NieNipity" flavor/combinations....(what do ya say Courts?)

Thanks Mike & Stephanie

Yodipity in Mesa here.