Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend dinner

(Mrs. Jones with baby Baron looking over her shoulder charming the guests, and me)

I had a very nice weekend.
I went out both Friday and Saturday, which is usually so rare and nice for me.
Right now, its Sunday evening and I just challenged my children to pick up GrandMary's living room while I played a song. When it is over, they better finish, then it off to dreamland they go.
They are busy around me working and it makes me happy.

Friday I went to St. Francis in Phoenix with Mr. Nielson. The food is
delicious, unique, and organic.
I really enjoyed being with Mr and Mrs Jones and little Barron.
We laughed about so many occasions and one of them included Jimmy humping a neighbor fellow. I think we laughed for 15 minutes straight.
Honestly, I don't think I have laughed that hard since the accident.
It was such a good feeling.

Then our adorable waiter Brandon treated us all to the desserts on the menu. Everything was dreamy, and I suggest you go and try it soon as possible, so you can try the white fish. Since it is seasonal food, the menu changes up often.

On Saturday I went to dinner with Dr. J and his wife.
It was a delight to see Dr. J in normal clothes eating food. It's hard to imagine him (or any doctor) in normal garb. (Kinda like seeing your school teacher at the grocrey store during the summer...its just weird).
But Dr J.'s wife Anna is adorable and they share a cafe rio salad just like Mr. Nielson and I do.
(see we're not weird)

Hopefully Monday brings me closer to home.(Utah) I have a appointment on Tuesday with Dr. L. I hope he drains my back and sends me home for a rest. That sounds good.

(dessert at St. Francis)