Friday, March 12, 2010


(me wandering the whole food's beverage section)

Today Mr. Nielson and I had an appointment at G&K in Scottsdale.
We chatted in Mr. MG's office building high above the street.
I sat down in his comfy office couch. It was leather and soft. I think I fell asleep or dozed off a couple times because he asked me more than once if I was getting "enough sleep".
How rude of me to fall asleep when someone is talking.
It reminds me of doing that when I was on heavy pain killers doing therapy.

Wow, I am a doozie.

Then Mr. Nielson and I made a date out of it and went to Senior Citz movie theater in downtown Scottsdale. We ordered the usual red vines and popcorn, but this time I splurged and got cherry coke. Mr. Nielson made a fuss about how no one drinks that crap, but it turns out he does- as he polished it off in the theater, (but lets keep that our little secret).

We saw the movie The Ghost Writer, and once again I dozed off. I couldn't keep my eyes open.
I felt like a Senior cit. (but, there is nothing wrong with them...honest)
I snored.

Then we went to Whole Foods and I ordered my regular orzo salad with feta cheese and a few cheese tamales. I also bought me some delicious gelato made by Ciao Bella and sold right there in Whole Foods. My favorite flavor (ever) is dulce de leche. I have already had half the pint and intend in finishing the rest off tomorrow after lunch without sharing ANY.

On the way home Mr. Nielson and I talked about baby names as if I was pregnant. It was fun for about 3 minutes, then we both got choked up thinking about a few more "up there" for us.
I've just got to keep thinking that nothing is hopeless.

See you tomorrow Spencie and Lindser!

Have a good weekend!