Friday, March 05, 2010

Senior Citzs and popcorn.

(Mr. Nielson fixing my bike)

Today was a good day.

He did it. Dr. L. did in fact pull out my monkey tail-well, actually it was his assistant Sharon. She is the sweetest person on the planet. Dr. L. also took Mr. Nielson's stitches out. We both are stitch and fancy free. We breathed a sigh of relief after we left the clinic. I will have to stay in Pheonix for another week for another follow-up visit, then Dr. L. said I could have a "little break". Good news. I am excited to go home to my house and my mountains.

Mr. Nielson did also in fact take me to a movie. Young Victoria, the movie was incredibly romantic and very good. I so enjoyed it.
But never, I repeat never ever go to a matinée anywhere in Arizona. Its like the invasion of the senior citzs. Bus loads of them. I love a old person-I have many I simply adore, but the senior citzs here are grumpy, mean, and think the deserve the world.
Mr. Nielson and I split up and he waited in line to buy the tickets and I waited in line for our red vines. In front of me were a senior cit couple. The wife yelled in her husbands poor big ears:

"I need 3 more dollars. 3 more dollars Ron, 3 dollars more"

Ron pulled out his wallet, his wife snatched it out of his frail hands and she pulled out 3 dollars and in the process knocking her popcorn all over the counter. She was embarrassed and disgusted.

"Look what you did Ron"

He looked at her with a surprised look on his face and followed her to the napkin counter.

Will I be that awful when I am older? Oh, I hope not. I like to think my children give me the character I need to stay grounded as to what is important and make fun of me so I wont be so grumpy and so old.

Mr. Nielson and I came home to our children and his sweet parents. I followed him to our bedroom and for the first time since the accident, lay on his tummy and fell right to sleep.
Just like before, as it should be.