Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Out and About

The boys in the car

I will admit to you, that today has been the first day out since Thursday and I didn't even shower for it. Mr. Nielson drove me around town with the two boys. I wore some stretchy orange/gray pants I scored from Target. I am just waiting for the day my kids will be embarrassed to have me as a mother.

First, I told Mr. Nielson that I needed to exchange a few things at the GAP
(in the....mall...me at the mall...woe)
Second, I told him I needed to pick up a fig candle at BBW
and finally third, I needed to go to Rubios for some fish tacos.

All went well.

We also went to a few grocery stores looking for Mr. Nielson's favorite yogurt (brown cow) and while he was looking in the store, Nicholas needed to go to the bathroom. So, I did what almost every mother in the world would do, I took him out of the car and we peed onto our car wheel-way more sanitary than in the grocrey store.

Then Mr. Nielson brought me home.

I caught up on a few e-mails and drooled over a photo of my nephew Beck.

I texted my brother Jesse and then talked to him on the phone, and then after that we kept texting eachother. We are soooo generation 2000!

Also, ALERT: I rode my cruiser for the first time since my surgery. It was a big deal, espcially since both of my girls said prayers out loud (and to themselves) that I wouldn't crash- am I that bad?

PS...dear Dr. L:
My monkey tail has way less output.
I am planning on coming to visit you on Thursday.
Will you please pull it out?
I think you have a lovely singing voice-