Tuesday, March 16, 2010

losing my mind, again.

(Claire eating lunch after a hard day shopping in Scottsdale)

A happy weekend to you!
Since Mondays are the worst, I pretended it was Friday again and took my girls on a date.
First we went to Anthropologie where my girls and I searched for a formal dress.
To see what the girls were coming up with was beyond words.
Very Betsy Johnson meets secretary clothes.

After the third turn around the store with piles of clothes in each of our arms Jane began the dreaded whine. And it didn't stop for about 1 hour. As a result, I was shopping in a hurry and purchasing things that I will be taking back tomorrow. See you again there ladies!

Each season I treat my girls to a new "smell".
A new fragrance that will remind them of the Spring in 2010.

Then they were tired.
And hungry.
And so was I.

Out to the car, except which way did we park? Was it the north, or the south entrance.
Oh boy, it could be the west or even the east for all we know.

We spent a good hour wandering around wondering where we were parked and how we got in this situation in the first place. At every wrong turn I promised my girls to swear to not tell their Daddy. I don't want him knowing about my dreaded disease for not knowing my whereabouts. Hey, I was a bronwie for heavens sake, I should know all that jazz.

Anyway, finally we found where we were, except we didn't see out car. Awesome.
We searched up and down, on the garage levels.
In my desperate attempt I asked for help.
Soon a chipper lady skidded around the parking plaza in a little 4 man cart.
It was awkward and after trying 4 different levels we found my car.

Should I have tipped her?

Oh I am much to tired to think about that, I am headed to my famous Dr. L today to check my draining. I have a few things to give him at our visit as well.
He just got back from South America helping children and others who need
medical help. Dr. L is a hero.
With a good singing voice ;)