Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A day like today.

(Don't judge him, he's only human)

Last night I wrote yesterday's post- really late in the night. Could you tell? Maybe you couldn't because, lets be honest, I really stink at writing, but Mr. Nielson and I had a really good chuckle this morning when we read what I had written.

Anyway, it is really late tonight and I am tired. And I am doing it again.
I have been rearranging and dusting my house so it will be my home again.
I can't do it anymore today.
My legs hurt when I walk and I have Grandma Marion ankles.

Mr. Nielson is laying beside me. He has flarted at least 20 times since we have been in bed. Every time I look at him I shake my head in disbelief. Then he say's that I do it all the time and sometimes in his face. (as if to excuse him). Then I asked if I was asleep or awake when I did it, and he said it didn't matter-sometimes both. And then he says when he does it, it doesn't count because he is busy playing with his phone and doesn't even know it.

Sorry for the potty-mouth.
Today I had a few visitors and after they left, I ran to the bathroom to see what I had stuck in my teeth, on my nose and in my hair. It usually was all the above. Including the monkey-tail from hell, that keeps poking out of my shirt.

Today I am having lunch with Lucy and Betsy. I will decide on a new color of nail polish and we will decide what Betsy will be wearing this Spring. We will talk about Court's new baby and hope for a girl but will be OK with another boy.
Because they are pretty cute (even if they do flartie's)

This is so much better than being in the hospital.

(ps...dear friend who offered your cabin in bear lake, could you e-mail me- I'm shameless)